How Many Cosmetic Surgeries Can I Get at Once?

Those considering plastic surgery often have more than one body area they want to improve. Or in some cases, there may be different types of concerns in the same general area. Fortunately, multiple cosmetic surgeries can often be performed during the same surgery to potentially save you time, cost less overall, and only require one recovery. While this is commonly done, it’s important to know there are limitations to combining surgeries due to safety reasons.

While the best treatment plan will vary based on your needs and medical history, combining two to three procedures during the same operation is generally safe for the average person. For example, undergoing liposuction with tummy tuck surgery is an extremely popular combination. There are also procedures specifically designed to address multiple body concerns under the same treatment plan, and often in the same surgery, such as the comprehensive mommy makeover. This option can include treatment for stretched abdominal muscles, loose skin, sagging breast tissue, stubborn fat pockets, and more, depending on the woman’s specific needs and aesthetic goals.

The reason most board-certified plastic surgeons won’t exceed two to three procedures during one surgery is because the risk of complications can be higher. Combining more procedures typically means you need to be in surgery for a longer amount of time, which can require you to be under anesthesia longer than recommended. This may not be safe for patients, especially those with underlying health concerns. The types of procedures and complexity of your needs will ultimately determine how many surgeries can safely be performed at once.

If you’re interested in multiple cosmetic surgeries and wondering if they can be combined, it’s important that you consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon. To schedule an appointment with one of our experienced surgeons, please contact our team at Richmond Aesthetic Surgery.