Does Sitting All Day Flatten the Buttocks?

Working an office job every day or leading a generally sedentary lifestyle can eventually take a toll on the shape of your buttocks. After spending so much time sitting over the years, some people begin to notice their buttocks starting to look less round and “perky.” While there are many factors that can influence this flat shape, muscle weakness is a common culprit. Sitting for the majority of each day can lead to gluteal muscle weakness and even tight hip flexors—the combination of which is sometimes called “dormant butt syndrome.”

While you may need or prefer to sit much of the day, try to get up and take breaks once in a while to activate your gluteal muscles. It can also help to practice good posture and perform lower body exercises regularly, like squats and lunges. By improving your muscle tone, you can work to restore the fuller, more shapely buttocks you desire. For some individuals, however, exercises may not be enough to achieve their aesthetic goals. With age the buttocks can also start to lose fat volume and begin to sag. Men and women who have not been able to enhance their buttocks through exercise alone may be good candidates for body fat transfer.

Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Neil J. Zemmel, offers this innovative procedure to help patients plump their buttocks for a more round and full aesthetic. The procedure involves liposuction to extract fat cells from an area of excess, such as the flanks or thighs, and then reinjecting the prepared tissue into the buttocks to produce a boost in volume and shape.

If you are interested in learning more about buttock augmentation with fat transfer, please contact Richmond Aesthetic Surgery today! Dr. Zemmel can help you determine if this procedure can help you achieve your desired result.